Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's All in Perspective

This lesson was on perspective.  It was a view from above of a plate of apples.  We discussed, shading/shadows, color, and a change of perspective.  It was the first lesson of our Back to School Session.   It is always amazing to see the results.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Many Thanks

I started teaching art classes in my home 8 years ago!! I taught in NC where we lived for a little while and then I took over a pretty neat little Kindermusik program.  I did that for a couple years.  When we moved to UT I had a baby and then a couple years later another baby and while I was building my family I took a little break from my art classes.  I literally had a vision about opening my art classes back up.  I have been cultivating creative minds for a couple years again now and I absolutely love it.  I sometimes feel like my little art school is my 5th baby!  I am passionate about it.  I love art and it so special to see little kids develop a love for it as well.

My art school wouldn't be possible with out the special little artists that attend or the amazing parents that get them here.  I just wanted to give a great big Thank You to my students and the parents.  Thanks for helping me make my vision a reality. Cheers to many more paint splats, pencil shavings, and mini master pieces!!

Crrrrazy for Crayola

So we got a little crafty and orderly the other day in the Art School.  We organized all of our crayons!  We made color coded cans to hold them.  My best helpers painted the cans while I sorted.  I got rid of broken and non crayola types.  I heart order and I heart color and I heart the special helpers!

Pop Art Candy

Yay for art that really "Pops!" This week we learned about Pop Art and looked at some examples of pop art especially focused on art work of Roy Lichtenstein.  We talked about a focal point, patterns, color schemes, and we worked with markers and no pencils which gives us a reason to loosen up and turn "mistakes" into something wonderful.  You would have thought the kids were eating candy.  Very cute how the very idea of candy made these kids happy.  The colors, the subjects, the atmosphere was really fun today.

Folk Art Halloween Cats

Our first week of our Fall/Winter Session we had a lesson on Folk Art.  We looked at examples of Folk Art and then we painted a Halloween Black Folk Art lookin cat. We used water color and crayon as a resist. As usual I am so proud of the little artists!