Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I just sent out my e-flier for my SUMMER Art Classes.  If you didn't get one and you would like some info please email, call or text me.  If your artist hasn't yet attended a class that they got an art portfolio I always make them available during my Summer classes.  They will be available for $2.  They are bright, fun, durable, practical, and large enough to fit all sizes of completed art work.  I like them for my own kids because it is also a little storage place for great art pieces that they make at home, school or art school.  I have not yet had ONE kid that hasn't wanted one....and they always ask me about them if they don't have one and I end up making them one.  They love them.  So please let me know if you need one when you pay and or sign up so I can have it ready when they come to the first day of Summer Class or Camp.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

a liTtlE biT of SenTimEnt

I just wanted to let the artists that come to my classes and the parents who send them and support me know how thankful I am! 
I really really love my art school.  
It is kind of like my 5th baby! I take care of it, I stress over it, and I reap total rewards from it.  
Thank you for sending your budding artists to me.  I hope to create creative people.  I put a lot of time into planning and preparing and it just occurred to me that it never ever gets old.
I love it so much.  I am so grateful I can do something like this that I really love.  
So thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heART!!

Monet's Tulip Fields in Holland

I went to Holland this past January and couldn't wait to have the kids paint something inspired by my trip.  We didn't see tulips but we saw lots and lots of windmills.  It was one beautiful place.  Again inspired by Monet and his painting Tulip Fields in Holland we painted a mini rendition.  This lesson was great for mixing colors and for perspective.  Also we talked a lot about impressionism.  A change in my normal style but a great experience for artists.

LiTtLe mONeTs wAtEr LiLiEs

This project was inspired by one of the great Masters...Monet.  We did a close up rendition of part of one of his famous paintings...Water Lilies.  It was fun.  We learned about double loading the brush, and about impressionism. Monet is a great inspiration.  I hope the kids learned as they painted this mini master piece.