Monday, May 20, 2013

sNeAk PeAk FaRmEr's MaRkEt aRt CaMp

Anyone who knows me knows I love farmy anything.  I love farms! I love cows grazing in the green green meadow, I love beautiful wild flowers, I love fresh climbing gardens, I love sunshine, I love country music, I love chickens, I love bees, I love sunflowers, I love fresh air...and I really love going to farmers markets and seeing all that comes from farms.  The locally grown food is so beautiful and full of colors....makes for great subjects for teaching art! Lots and lots of color talk.  So for this camp we will be drawing and painting things from the scenes of a farmer's market.  This one will make you want to go home and observe some nature and make some strawberry jam. 
Although not quite finished here are some of the projects we will work on.... stay tuned for more previews and some finished looks!  I love love love making painted paper with the kids.  We will be making a fruit collage using painted paper that they make.  This camp is sure to be a moooooove on over to the Farmer's Market Art Camp!

Friday, May 17, 2013

cLoWnInG aROuNd

In the spirit of our circus art camp coming up we took some silly pics while working on some art.  

aLL iN pErSpeCtiVe

One point perspective lessons really get straight to the point.  We learn about vanishing points, angles, perspective...and much more.  The girls kinda moaned a little when I said we were going to do this...come to find out it was because they thought it was hard.  Well, for being so hard they sure did a grrrrrreat job! I think they learned and feel more confident with their art skills.  I for one am a proud art teacher!

Friday, May 3, 2013


I'm so excited about my Summer Camps that I'm hosting this year in my Art School.  The first camp is going to be a circus theme.  This is some of the art we will be doing.  More examples to come...  
The second camp will be a Farmer's Market theme.  I can't decide which one will be more fun! They are almost full so sign up today!  For more info email, call or text me.

wAtEr FroNt HoUseS (AmStErdAm)

While I was in Amsterdam I was totally in love with the old houses basically built on the water.  All the tall buildings squished together and canals running through the neighborhoods were surely a source of inspiration for an art project.  We talked about drawing straight lines, water color, and we painted reflections in the water with lighter colors of the watercolors.  They turned out wonderful and so colorful!

cHeRrY bLosSomS

A little bit of color theory, a little bit of whimsy, a little bit of printmaking, a little bit of Spring and a whole lot of cherry blossom sprigs.  The kids go bonkers over printing! We used the bottoms of Coke bottles to make these cute little prints.  We looked at pictures of real and unbelievably beautiful cherry blossom trees.  So Pretty!!