Wednesday, June 12, 2013

ShE'S mY sIsTeR

"She's about this high..she's taller than I...
sometimes she helps me tie my shoe,
She's my Sister!"
My sister has joined me in teaching art.  When school starts she is going to teach on Wednesday afternoons after school.  She will be teaching the same art lessons that I plan and teach to my classes and we will still only allow 8 students in each class...but now we can offer a few more classes! I will be teaching on Tuesdays.
She is a great and I know your little artists will love her...the ones who already have had her this Summer say they like her already.  I have had a few students ask me where my twin sister is...and I had one student totally confused when he came to one class and we were both there...there was two of me! I've always wanted 2 of me.  Ha ha! 

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